Jaggery Lapsi/Daliya (Broken wheat sweet dish)

Gud/Jaggery Daliye ki lapsi is a sweet dish of broken wheat and jaggery.It is a complete food for babies older than 8 months. Easy to make, easy to digest. Simple step by step recipe. Jaggery Lapsi/Daliya (Broken wheat sweet dish) — Roots and Blocks

Why jaggery is getting so popular these days?

Jaggery was always an integral part of Indian life but its only in recent times, its importance had been realized by the young generation specially in the Metro cities where the environment is continuously degrading and we are facing multiple health issues because of that. While our lungs do have a built-in pollution filter called…

Coconut Jaggery Balls : Healthy Dessert Recipe — THE NUTRIFIT LIFE

Coconut jaggery ball is a very healthy and tasty dessert recipe and easy to prepare. It can be prepared either with the freshly grated coconut or with the desiccated coconut. To begin making the coconut jaggery balls recipe with the desiccated coconut, firstly heat the milk in a saucepan. Add the desiccated coconut powder in…

Gur Nalon Ishq Meetha!! (Only Love can be sweeter than Jaggery)

Remember those days, when we (parents of today) used to throw a tantrum at the dinner table. Those bouts of anger were often calmed by grandmas with gur ghee chapatti (Indian flatbread, loaded with ghee & jaggery, and eaten like a pancake). This quick fix meal was not just a sweet pacifier, but a perfect nutritious snack…

Tilgul Vadi (Sesame & jaggery chikki)

Sesame seeds are loaded with energy and must be consumed in winters. However do not consume too much of it in one go as they also generate heat. RECIPE Ingredients […] Tilgul Vadi — MY SECRET PLATE

5 beauty benefits of jaggery

Here’s a look at five beauty benefits of jaggery that you can’t miss! 5 beauty benefits of jaggery — INDIA NEWS